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Affluence daily demonstrates its contraceptive influence in all countries around the world; and so those who wish to help the developing world to slow their growth rates, and those who wish to leave their grand-children a less over-populated and less fractious world, must focus on educating the poor.  This will enable us, to enjoy the benefits of their affluence.

BET is doing this in its locality.
We have set out to give every child in the three villages where we live, an education similar to that which the politicians and bureaucrats insist upon for their children.

The 2001 Census registered India's female literacy rate at 51% overall, while the worst district, in Rajasthan, had just 4% and the yardstick was little more than can you write your own name?

All too often, in rural India, education is used as a nepotistic employment agency by those in power, seeking to enlarge their vote bank. Many teachers in the state sector are not properly trained; and many don't even turn up at school; they simply draw their pay and wait to vote the bought way at the next election.

To break this stranglehold, BET had to go in for a private school, to ensure good quality teaching. And in order to engender full commitment, teachers when possible, have to live on site.
In return we have to look after them properly, though with salaries in the state sector so high, it is difficult to do so.

The other alternative was unthinkable Read more >














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